Day 57 – 56 miles to Ely, Nevada

After a little bit of adjusting and squeezing into the small tent (made to fit 3 comfortably), we had a good night of sleep.  We got changed (we took all the clothes and toiletries we would need out of duffels the night before so we could leave them in the van) and took the tent down.

Today is dedicated to Jean Pomares, the grandmother of a high school friend (and my brother’s friend), Jenn Hiltz.  Jenn is an EMT, a job that requires much bravery and sacrifice.  I’m sure her grandmother was just as strong and brave.  Unfortunately, her grandmother passed away 5 months ago today, on February 27th, from liver cancer.  Today, I ride for Jean.day57dedication

We shuttled out of the campground in groups and rode from Route 50.  Lauren, Kos, Katie, Rachel Eddy, and I teamed up.  Also, because there was only one bathroom in the campground, and it wasn’t pleasant, Lauren and I took care of business maybe 10 miles down the rode.  Today marks my first outdoor, road-side bathroom (Lauren, too!)  We used baby wipes, tried to cover our tracks, and rode on. #4Kokday57strawberrycreekday57menohandsday57riding

At about 25 miles in, we started what ended up being a 13 mile climb and a lot of elevation.  It definitely wasn’t easy, but we had a good group to motivate each other.day57connorspassday57laurenkos  And at the top was the most amazing lunch we’ve had yet.  Landis’ parents decided to fly out to Ely (they have their own plane and both are pilots), and visit us for today and tomorrow, providing all of our meals.  For lunch, we were greeted by a beautiful picnic table at the top of the mountain, dressed in a white tablecloth and orange flowers.  There was a middle-eastern cous cous with currants, a watermelon salad with fresh cherry tomatoes and goat cheese, a red cabbage salad with various nuts, bagels, rolls, meats, cheeses, and lox!  Needless to say, I had a bit of everything and went back for seconds many times.  The watermelon salad and goat cheese was my favorite, so amazing, delicious, and perfect for the hot Nevada weather.day57lunchday57selfieday57laurenkosme

The ride after lunch was an easy, downhill ride about 10 miles to Ely.  When we got in to St. Bartholomew’s Church, we settled in and headed over to the local aquatic center where Landis’ parents arranged for us to swim and shower.  day57poolwallday57poolwall1

For dinner, Landis’ parents cooked us ribs and steaks, along with the same salads and rolls.  They also brought Landis a delicious strawberry and raspberry birthday cake since her birthday is July 29!  A huge thanks to the Powell family – I’m not sure any of us even eat this well at home.

Now for cleaning and maybe a little Harry Potter!



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