Camino de Santiago Day 26

Monday, May 2

Ponferrada to Trabadelo

34 km / 21 miles


I woke up at 5:30 am this morning to pee, and decided to just start getting ready. At check-in yesterday, they told me they play music at 6 am to get everyone awake and moving, so I thought I’d beat the crowds for the 2 toilets and 2 sinks.

They ended up not playing music and I ended up waking the 3 other guys in my room while I was getting ready. Woops.

I left Ponferrada at 6:30 am, walked past the castle, nicely lit up in front of the still-dark blue sky. I followed the Camino along a river and through a public park, past an energy museum, and then through suburban neighborhoods. And of course, without fail, through fields and vineyards; the only difference now, all the vines were growing leaves and buds!

I stopped at multiple points today, just to breathe in the rolling hills, vineyards, and gentle warm breeze around me. “This is it,” I thought to myself. This is the simple beauty and peace I came here for. It is just so beautiful. Minus the power lines.

I passed through Villafranca del Buerzo, a cute town in the valley of the mountains with a river running through. There is a church of Santiago in Villafranca, the only other one besides the Cathedral of Santiago in Santiago, to offer pilgrims their Jubilee blessings if too sick or injured to continue on to Santiago.

Another 10 km along a busy highway and stage same rushing river, and I made it to Trabadelo. I was exhausted after a 34 km day, and my legs were hurting the last hour or so.

A few thoughts of the day:

I don’t want roots, I want wings

Forgiveness is your weapon.


Breakfast €5

€5 Albergue

€8.50 Lunch

€5 Dinner

Total €23.50

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