Camino de Santiago Day 31

Saturday, May 7

Ponte Campaña to Os Penedos

28 km / 17 miles

We all slept in until 7:15 am. Not like me. But after yesterday, I’m just listening to the camino and letting go of control for a little.

I got two compliments this morning that felt nice. And told me I’m exactly on track, right where I’m supposed to be. The first was from Mimoon, a charismatic guy from Andorra. Through a rough translation from a friend, he said I’m like a small piece of bread, I’m cute, and my face is pure and he can tell I am a good person. And then a little bit into the walk, Graham shared how he was excited we were reunited and I radiate good energy. I really am where I need to be.

We made several stops throughout the day, for coffee twice, and then some beers. These people just get me. However, as the day got hotter, the heat began to take its toll. I was exhausted and tired and the sun was awful. We made it to our albergue around 5pm. I got myself a beer and a giant bag of chips and just laid in the hammock for a while. I didn’t even care to shower. I just needed to lay in the shade and decompress. Today was rough.

Dinner was amazing. It was pretty much just us, and two others. Mimoon from the night before also showed up as well as a Spanish gentleman. We enjoyed so many laughs and fun times; it was a dinner to remember. And Graham even made a cute speech saying goodbye to Chris’ friend Rhiannon. She flies back to Alicante tomorrow.

And of course, bedtime wouldn’t be complete without Martins lullaby! These small, special moments is what makes the camino so magical.


€22 Lunch/Beer

€12 Albergue

€12 dinner

Total €46


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