Day 56 – Host Van 85 miles to Baker, Nevada

Today, we said goodbye to Jeff’s grandma.  Though I am driving the host van with Chris, I dedicated today to her, the Robson family, and Aunt Dani.day56jeffsgrandma

Casey and Harshini were feeling sick and Erica is having shin/foot issues, so we drove off-route back to Cedar City to take them to a doctor.  One the way, I hit a bird.  I watched it fly into the windshield accompanied by a huge thud.  I screamed.

We got to Cedar City around 8 am, an hour before the doctor’s opened, so we killed time at a local Starbucks.  It was nice to relax for a bit, and to not have to worry about anything; we were so far away from the riders, there was nothing we could really do to help.day56coffeecup

While the girls were at the doctors and getting prescriptions, Chris and I went looking for food donations.  About 4 hours later, we rode towards our host city, Baker, Nevada (we’re crossing another state line today!) with 13 pizzas, 4 loaves of bread, cold cuts, and a tray of delicious pulled pork barbecue from the famous Sonny Boy’s BBQ.day56sonnysstaffday56sonnysday56sonnyscancersign

We got into Baker, Nevada around 3 pm (Pacific Time Zone)!

day56nevadasignThe plan was to camp in a local parking lot, but because of some not so friendly locals and Great Basin National Park nearby, we decided to camp there instead.  Erica dropped Casey, Emma, and I off, along with all the tents.  I don’t think I’ve ever pitched a tent (I’ve only pretended to help when I was younger), so this was a test.  After getting the first one up, we found a good system for the other seven.  We got them all pitched, rain cover and all, before the groups began shuttling in. day56tents


Some people went back to town to shower while a group of us hiked through the forest to a creek.  Let me be specific.  It was not a river, not a stream, but a 3 foot wide, ankle-deep creek.  We used our Dr. Bronner’s to wash and water bottles to rinse.  If the people upstream moved around too much, it muddied all of the water, making us all wait some time before it settled.day56creekshower

We enjoyed a campfire and hanging out before Draper, Kos, Lauren, and I went to bed.



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