Camino de Santiago Day 20

Tuesday, April 26

Mansillas de Los Mulas to León!

18 km / 12 miles

Okay last night was the first night in the Camino that I slept terribly. Not bad for 20 days in though! The bunk beds were shaky and noisy, there were maybe 40 people in one room, definitely some snorers, no thin sheets in the mattresses, and I just couldn’t get comfortable. And the guy below me also had a hard time sleeping because I could feel him tossing and turning throughout the night. Oh well, that’s the Camino for you.

I left Mansillas de Los Mulas around 7:30 with Fernando and L, but they quickly took off ahead. My left leg is hurting again (no surprise there after the past two long days), so I took it super slow. And my slow pace allowed me to meet Patrick and Joan from Utah, USA, who were just a lovely retired couple on their second camino. We had a lovely conversation and start to our day together. They certainly had some amazing stories to share, including personally defending a case to the US Supreme Court.

In the next town, I met up with some friends for breakfast: Christian (LA, USA), L (Korea), Fernando (Madrid), Nadja (Denmark). We enjoyed chorizo tortillas and coffees. 🙂

All of these small towns smell of campfires and I love it; it reminds me of my travels in Thailand and Cambodia. It gives the vibe of a small, local town with rustic, simple appeal. I don’t know. I just love the smell.

I made it to León around 12 noon. My leg hurt most of the day, but we all saw that coming, didn’t we? As I couldn’t check into our Air Bnb until 1, I found a small bar and relaxed for a bit. León has tons of plazas and alleys lined with bars. I love it; it makes for a lively fun energy.

After we checked into our Air BnB, I met up with Express Bouricot to send extra weight that I didn’t need ahead to Santiago! I’m hoping a lighter pack will help with my leg issues.

And the rest of the day, I spent bouncing around León, having drinks and sharing good times with my Camino friends. My favorite part about León is that every time you order a drink, they serve you a light tapas. So essentially free delicious food with every drink wherever you go!

And I’m spending a rest day here tomorrow too, so we are going out on the town tonight!


€3 Breakfast

€20 Express Bouricot

€10 Lunch

€10 Air BnB

€17 Dinner/Drinks

Total €60

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