Camino de Santiago Day 30

Friday, May 6

Portomarín to Ponte Compaña

29 km / 18 miles

Good morning! I think this was the first night I completely slept undisturbed. I went to bed around 9:30 pm and woke up at 6:30 am! I didn’t wake up once!

This morning was quite reflective for me.

Release the handbrake

⁃ after only knowing me for 20 minutes, a fellow pilgrim friend in León recognized some apprehension and my observant nature in new situations. She referred to me as always on the handbrake. And that I needed to let go. And I haven’t stopped thinking about that since.

Stop taking things personally

Stop caring what others think

Being alive… I need to just put myself out there.

⁃ before I left New York, I saw Company on Broadway. It’s a show about Bobbi, who has missed out on relationships, love, and life for various reasons. And I was surprised how much it resonated with me.

Struggling with loneliness this morning.

⁃ I’m trying to keep in mind that I am walking my own Camino and others are walking their own as well. Friends will come and go and I need to let that happen without being upset or sad.

Well. Since I’ve been experiencing all these emotions this morning, I decided I was going to get a bottle of wine, some meat and cheese, and relax on a hillside towards the end of the day.

BUT! After a few hours of hiking, I turned a corner, and ran into the other group! Chris, Kiva, Darrel, Graham, Elena, and Martin and Anja! So that’s what you get for planning your day out… the camino brings you right back to where you need to be! They ran to me, crowding me in hugs in the middle of the street. It was so sweet, everything I needed this morning. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see everyone and be reunited. Another group I didn’t think I’d see again! Thank you, Camino.

We enjoyed beers, meats, cheeses, and kalimocha (red wine and coke) at a few spots along the way. How nice it’s been to reunite with just about every person I met in the first two weeks of the camino. We stayed at a beautiful, rustic farmhouse called Casa Domingo. And some of my other Camino group stayed there two.

We relaxed all afternoon and had a big dinner with everyone: pumpkin and butternut squash soup. Salad. Paella! Beer and wine! And then after dinner,Martin brought out his guitar and played songs outside! We all cuddled up with each other as it got a bit chilly. But it was so so beautiful to sing and be all together. And then, as we all went to bed and the lights went out, Martin played us a bedtime lullaby! Some of the group had told me about this lullaby but I just didn’t understand it. Until his soft whisper blessed the dark room, explaining how he’d be playing us a lullaby that his dad always sang to him as a child called, “Close Your Eyes.” I can’t even begin to explain how moving and special it was. It was like he shared his soul with us. I thought I might cry. But instead, I slowly drifted to sleep.


€5 Breakfast

€34 Dinner/Hostel

€10 Drinks

Total €49


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