Camino de Santiago Day 10

Saturday,April 16

Grañon to Espinosa del Camino

20 km 14 miles

Good morning! After a surprisingly decent sleep on the floor, I awoke to the sounds of plates and silverware and the wonderfully glorious smell of coffee. After a light breakfast of bread, butter, jam, and a lot of coffee, I packed up and set off a bit later than normal at 7:20 am.

The sun was just beginning to rise in the distance, just beginning to light up Grañon and the surrounding fields. I think Grañon will be a special place that I’ll always remember. I met so many wonderful peregrinos from all over and just had a wonderful night.

Todays walk was a bit tougher. The adrenaline and excitement of the first few days has fallen away and I am now entering a more monotonous and challenging section of the Camino. I walked alone the entire day, in my thoughts and emotions. They say there are different phases of the Camino: first physical, then emotional, then spiritual. And today, I am definitely feeling some emotions.

554.6 km to go…

After a tough day, both physically and emotionally, and a struggle last night to find an available albergue, I stopped in a tiny town called Espinosa del Camino. Easter weekend has proven to be difficult to find a bed, as a lot of places have been booked way in advance, even in the small towns. But I arrived after 5 hours, 33,000 steps and 24 km (15 miles). The last few days have been pretty long, so to stop at 12:20 made for a nice, “short” day. I was the first and only one at La Cantina Espinosa del Camino for a while, so I took a nice hot shower with the windows wide open, looking out at the Spanish countryside. I also took advantage of the midday sun and did all my laundry and left it out on the terrace to dry. And after settling in, I enjoyed an ice cold beer out front and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

As the day went on, fellow familiar peregrinos trickled in. We ended up all hanging out and playing games into the evening. It was a very nice relaxing “rest” day.


Albergue €11

Lunch/dinner €13.30

Total €24.30


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