Day 58 – 77 miles to Eureka, Nevada

Good morning!

We awoke at 5 am, did the usual morning routine, and had a delicious breakfast provided by Michael and Tanna Powell (Landis’ parents).  They spoiled us some more with greek yogurt, croissants, pastries, muffins, granola, fresh blueberries, strawberries, mangoes, mango juice, and Starbucks coffee.

Today is dedicated to the Powell family, who have dealt with cancer on multiple occasions, and a good friend’s father, Michael Williams, who passed away about a week ago.  He’s fought different illnesses, but was unexpectedly diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in June.  His daughter and my good friend, Chelsea, is a great girl and a lot of fun.  I’m certain that her father had a hand in that and that she will carry his legacy with her.

Because today looks to be another climbing day (Nevada is deceiving…), we made our own teams.  Kos, Lauren, Erica, Draper and I pretty much knew we would ride together.  We left around 7:30 am, getting right back onto Highway 50, the loneliest road in America.  It wasn’t too lonely, with some traffic every now and again, but it was somewhat mountainous.  We had about four climbs to Eureka, which we tackled in good spirits and laughter.  Lauren and I have begun prepping for our Amazing Race auditions and interviews.

After the third climb, we saw a storm in the distance, with bolts of lightning striking every minute or so.  When we caught up to the other teams at a water stop (and snacked on leftover granola, veggie salads, and smoked salmon), we decided to shuttle the last 15 miles (and the last mountain) to our host, the Eureka County School District’s gym.

We hung out for a while, showered, and had leftovers from yesterday (I guess we’ll just have to be okay with more salmon, steak, ribs, and veggie salads).

Hopefully I can catch up on calling hosts, writing letters, and postcards.


PS Pictures to come when I get phone service to send them to my computer…


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