Camino de Santiago Day 27

Tuesday, May 3

Trabadelo to OCebreiro

18 km / 12 miles

Okay. So. I’ve made it 26 days with fairly decent sleep (given the circumstances), but last night was bad. There were 6 of us crammed into a tiny room, and 3 of those people were awful snorers. Like loud. I didn’t sleep great; I woke up twice in the night and had trouble falling back asleep amid the symphony of snores. But I did pass out early around 9, so I guess that made up for it.

I got out of bed at 6 am, made coffee and relaxed. Today is Fernando’s birthday, but he’s 10 km behind in Villafranca so I’m going to take it slow today so I can meet up with him! After an enjoyable morning, I left around 7 am!

I’m learning to trust the way. I always try to plan, days and days ahead. But I’m learning to just let the camino take control and enjoy the way.

And update: My body feels good. At the end of the day I might be sore and hurting and sometimes limping, but in the morning, I feel like new. I think it’s this new cream and spray painkiller I’ve been using. I massage them into my legs three times a day, and I haven’t been having nearly as much pain!

Another side note: Now that I’m not constantly worrying about pain with every single step, my mind is wandering quite a bit. I am 1000% having an incredible time, but there are a few things I am looking forward to post-Camino. First, wearing the same clothes every day, sometimes smelly or still wet, is taking a small toll. I certainly don’t feel cute or excited to out the same outfit on for the 27th morning in a row. And since I’m hand washing and air drying, nothing feels completely clean. And my hiking shoes are dirty, muddy, and so smelly. I am looking forward to wearing new and different shoes. And not be paranoid about if people can smell them or not. And I can’t wait for a haircut. Aside from that I really am so so happy out here.

The 6 km climb into OCebreiro was just incredible. Finally, a day with some challenging incline but rewarding views the entire way. It was just breathtaking being up in the mountains and seeing off into the far distant valleys, towns, and other mountains.

OCebreiro is a cute mountain town. Literally above the clouds. I made it into town around 2 pm, and Fernando and Choi mad e it in shortly after. We went to the local tiendo (store) for a lunch of wine, cheese, meat, and bread. And we stayed there until 9 pm. Drinking bottle after bottle of wine, joined by locals and fellow pilgrims just stopping by the store. I think everyone that joined throughout the day bought a bottle to drink. It was such a fun afternoon, relaxing and celebrating Fernando. We even sand happy birthday to him in 4 or 5 different languages. Definitely one of my favorite days on the Camino!

They were all still drinking by the time I left at 9. Fingers crossed I’m not to hungover tomorrow morning!


€1.5 Coffee

€13 Fernando Birthday Cake

€10 Lunch

€ 8 Albergue

€ 15 Drinks/Snacks

Total €47.50

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