My Southeast Asia Adventure, Month 1 Budget

Friends and followers!

I’ve been on the road in Thailand for a month now and am loving every second. I’m meeting a ton of other travelers each day but also enjoying my own company more than I expected. And of course, I’ve loved sharing my stories with you!
I’ve had so many people messaging me with questions and statements, all stemming from their own desires to travel: “Can I ask how much you have saved?” “You are so lucky!” and my favorite, “I want your life.” Well, what if I told you that you CAN have my life.

Whether you’re traveling for a week, month, or an undetermined amount of time like me, anything is possible if you want it enough. I’ve heard many excuses why people cannot travel: my job, student loans, a boyfriend/girlfriend, no time, and the most common, I don’t have the money. While I’m not telling you to dump your relationship or default on payments, or trivializing your personal responsibilities, I will say that anything is possible if you prioritize it. No, I’m not rich. Yes, it’s taken hard work and dedication. If you really want to travel, if you really want my life, you’ll have to make sacrifices and compromises; I did and it’s been worth it. 

To help you out, I’m going to share everything I know with you. My blog will be transitioning to budgeting and travel tips to show you how much more possible it is than you think. From budgeting to making money on the road, to must-see places, I’m going to cover it all. 

To prove from the start how inexpensive it can be, my monthly budget and expenses are below.

After doing a lot of research, I estimated about $20/day for Southeast Asia. That’s just $620/month. And while I couldn’t  know how realistic it was until I actually began traveling here, I’ve done pretty well. To make sure I stayed on budget, I’ve kept track of every single expense I’ve made, down to the penny (or baht, in this case). Here is a breakdown of my first 31 days:

• Accommodation: $156.44 (5,612 Baht)

• Food: $195.35 (7,008 Baht)

• Drinks*: $154.37 (5,538 Baht)

*Don’t worry Dad… while drinks include alcoholic beverages, it also includes a LARGE amount of bottled water and yummy smoothies.

• Tourism: $83.32 (2,989 Baht)

– entrance fees, tours, festivals, etc

• Transportation: $71.22 (2,555 Baht)

• Miscellaneous: $70.86 (2,542 Baht)

– toiletries, clothes, laundry, postcards, etc.

Grand Total: $731.56 (26,203.01 Baht)

So for my first month, I’ve averaged $23.60 per day. My highest spending day cost $56.68 and my lowest spending day cost $10.11. Most days fell into the $17-$26 range.

Note: This does exclude travel insurance ($400 for 7 months), my flight ($500) and visa fees (Thailand was $80 for a double-entry, 60 days per entry, extendable).

If you multiply my first months spending by 12 (and stayed on budget), you could travel SE Asia for a year on $8,765.04.


The method to my madness!


What!? Even I was shocked by this number! And as I travel more and keep track of my daily expenses, I have learned a ton of ways to cut costs even more. Does this make traveling sound easier? You’re welcome.

This is just the first of many budgeting posts. Follow me through SE Asia and I’ll show you how I’ve saved money at home, how I save money while traveling, and most importantly, all the amazing experiences the world has to offer. 
Happy saving! 😉



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