Camino de Santiago Day 18

Sunday, April 24

Carrión de Los Condes to Sahagún

39 km / 25 miles

Wow. What a difference a private room can make; I feel rejuvenated after a relaxing evening. A long, hot shower, blankets and bedding on a non-bunk bed, and just my own space and privacy to be with myself. I am ready for a new day! Except for my very first blister. Noooo!

I left Carrión de Los Condes at 7 am after arranging for my backpack to be sent ahead 26 km (16 miles) to Terradillos de Los Templarios. I made my way out of town and onto a dirt path through farms and fields. What I didn’t know is that I would be on this same straight, never-ending path for most of the day. It was a beautiful day, contrary to yesterday, so I could appreciate the sunshine, blue sky, and green fields. In the northern distance, I could see the Cantabrian Mountains, huge peaks covered in snow, probably fresh from the past few days of storms.

I did surprisingly well today. I made it 26.6 km (16.5 miles) to my destination, Terradillos de Los Templarios by 12:30, only a four and a half hour day. And I felt good. I went to the albergue where I had my backpack shipped. I stared at it. And I decided to keep going. The next town was only 3 km away, and I knew I had to get used to carrying my pack again anyway. I know it’s too heavy (I’m going to send things ahead to Santiago once I get to León), but I thought a few kilometers should be fine.

Well. I made it to the next town, Moratinos (3 km/2 miles). I had a delicious bocadilla (sandwich) and got a cool wax stamp for my credentials. And then I just got up, put my backpack on, and kept walking. This time I made it another 2.5 km (1.5 miles) to San Nicolás del Real Camino. And I still felt good. And I guess the town wasn’t too interesting because I just kept walking. Fernando was with me for a bit of this and we had nice conversation. And we made it another 7 km (4.3 miles) to Sahagún.

I don’t know if you’ve been able to follow along, so I’ll help you out. I pushed myself to walk nearly 40 km (25 miles) over the course of 9 hours. I know I’m still recovering, but my body felt strong and the beautiful sunny weather made for a perfect day to enjoy, especially after the past 4 days in the cold rain.

Fernando and I got in around 4:30, checked in at Albergue de Santa Cruz for €6 a night, and walked around town just a bit (I know, the last thing I want to do or should do is walk more once we get to town). We are officially halfway to Santiago!!!

I am definitely going to sleep well tonight. And hope my body doesn’t hate me too much tomorrow morning. But at least I’m proud of myself for crushing 40 km!


€5 Backpack Transport

€2 Coffee

€5.5 Bocadilla

€6 Albergue

€9 Groceries

Total €27.5


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