Camino de Santiago Day 28

Wednesday, May 4

OCebreiro to Samos

31 km / 19 miles

Hooray! I woke up not hungover.

I left OCebreiro at 7 am, with incredible views all around; low clouds hugged the mountains, only leaving their tips to jut out into the sky. And behind a distant mountain, the sun ever so slowly rose. The sky changed from dark blue to purple, link, then orange. It was one of the best sunrises so far.

Much of the morning was through winding roads in the mountains, thick clouds blanketing whatever was below. After a steep ascent, I was greeted with a restaurant that sat perched on the cliff with more amazing views. Some friends caught up and we all enjoyed breakfast together. Not going to lie, after that straight up climb up the mountain, my head began to throb. I guess I hadn’t escaped my hangover after all. Nothing a large coffee and Spanish tortilla couldn’t fix, though!

And as always, after a long climb comes the descent. In this case, it was the rest of the day to Samos. And again, it was so beautiful. Small towns dotted the trail down, separated by peaceful fields and wild flowers.

I made it into Samos around 3 pm, after 37 km (23 miles). Oof, a long day.

Fernando, Choi, and I all stayed in the Monasteria de San Julian. The grounds were so beautiful, with chickens roaming freely and a river running right through. And the monastery was so stunning, almost a palace as it was huge and regal. This is where we would be sleeping!?

Kind of. We followed the route around to the back, where we entered a high ceilinged long room, lined with bunk beds. It was made of stone, with some painted murals, but otherwise very minimal and freezing cold. Not quite like the majestic outside, but we were sleeping in the monastery nonetheless.


€5 Breakfast

€3 Lunch

€6 Lunch

€8 Dinner/Groceries

€* Donativo

Total €22*

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