Camino de Santiago Day 15

Thursday, April 21

Hornillos to Castrojeriz

20.5 km / 13 miles

Okay. Good morning. I went to sleep with every intent to bus back to Burgos to see a physiotherapist and get some medication. BUT. I got out of bed, walked around, and didn’t really feel any irritation. After a few more laps around the room, I felt a bit more comfortable and confident. I decided to attempt today’s 20 km / 12 miles, but send my pack forward. So I didn’t have any added weight, but I was forced to make it the 20 km to Castrojeriz, where my bag would await me. And a special thank you to Fernando for staying with me yesterday to make sure I was okay!

I walked the meseta slowly and carefully. Any slip, rock, or hole could be enough to cause pain in my already fragile left leg. But after 4 hours, I made it to Castrojeriz at 12:15 without much pain at all besides the expected foot pain.

Remains of an old pilgrim albergue.
Castrojeriz in the distance.

Fernando and I hung out at the municipal albergue before roaming town a tiny bit. We visited the “Casa Del Silencio,” a dark house lit with various candles, each room with abstract art, nature, and chill ambience. It was a great place to relax and reflect for a while.

I had a pizza for dinner and went to bed around 9 for a 25 km day tomorrow, where I’ll be trying to carry my backpack again.

Fernando, an angel for staying with me. 🙏🏼

€14 Groceries

€5 Backpack Service

€11.5 Dinner

€7 Albergue

Total €37.50


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