Camino de Santiago Day 24

Saturday, April 30

Astorga to Foncebadon

26 km / 16 miles

I navigated my way out of Astorga in the early morning, around 6:30am. I love walking through empty cities at this hour; there’s something mysterical and magical being awake before the city.

It was a steady climb out of town on a dirt path. The sunrise was less than a spectacular, covered in a thick haze. It was literally a white ball of light, no color in the sky at all. I enjoyed breakfast maybe two hours in with Darrel! He’s struggling a bit too with the same leg pain. Geez. Everyone has this leg/muscle strain on the camino. I have to say, mine has improved quite a bit. Yesterday, a friend recommended a pain killer “spray” and massaging it into the legs. Which I did. And to my surprise this morning, I felt good.

On the boring, monotonous parts of the trail, I try to focus my intentions for the day and for my camino. Some of those have included:

Less anxiety

Being present

Slowing down

Saying yes

Heart open

Radiating sunshine from my heart center

Well today, I passed a little stone with a message that read:

“But if you travel far enough, one day you will recognize yourself coming down to meet yourself. And you will say yes.” Marion Woodman

Wow. If that isn’t the universe telling me I’m exactly where I should be.

I had lunch in a small town before Foncebadon with Choi and Fernando. Fernando surprised us with a few beers. The sun was shining, we only had an hour to go, why not?

There was a bit of an incline into town, up into a pine forest, hiking on cracked shale and loose rocks. We were surrounded by beautiful purple, yellow, blue, and orange flowers.

We made it to Foncebadon around 1. It was a cute mountaintop town, with beautiful views. I showered and enjoyed some drinks in town. All around good vibes; maybe it was the music that flowed onto the streets, or the many dogs that ran around, basking in the sun, or maybe the two pride flags in town blowing high in the wind. Whatever it was, a few glasses of wine and local cider made it even better.


€22 Albergue/Dinner/Breakfast

€8 Drinks

Total €30


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