My World Adventure, Month 2 Budget

2 months down! Both my wallet and I are still alive!

December was split with 19 days in Thailand, 10 days in Laos, and 2 days in Vietnam.

I spent a little more time than intended in Northern Thailand, waiting for my computer to be shipped from New York. It was a stressful couple of weeks, but allowed me to pause, live a little less like a tourist, and enjoy the little things that Thailand has to offer: cafes with delicious local coffee, a meditation retreat, and exploring beyond my guidebook.

However, Laos has proven to be a bit more expensive than Thailand, partially because I sped through it. Food averages at about $2 a meal, hostels vary from town to town ($3 – $10), and transportation isn’t Thailand cheap. But relatively speaking, it’s still affordable and offers opportunity to explore a lesser traveled country in Southeast Asia.


Meditation Retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Bike for Dad in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Meeting up with friends from San Diego, Kayleigh and Meleah in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Gibbon Experience in Huay Xi, Laos

Vang Vieng, Laos

NYE in Halong Bay, Vietnam



And here’s my budget breakdown!

Accommodation: $110.70

Food: $174.20

Drink: $101.64

Transportation: $251.53

– Including my flight onward to Vietnam: $143

Tourism: $378.43

– Including my Laos Visa: $36

Miscellaneous: $13.29

Total: $1,029.79

Divide that number by 31 days, and my daily spending comes in at…

$33.02 / day

Breakdown by Country

19 Days in Thailand – $267.72

10 Days in Laos -483.40 (This includes the Gibbon Experience and proves that “speed travel” costs more).

2 Days in Vietnam – $278.67 (This includes my flight and NYE splurge in Halong Bay)


So yes, I’ve gone over budget a bit, but it’s also the holidays. Being so far from home, family, and friends justifies some of these splurges. But $1,029.79 is still great for a whole month of travel!

I’m a bit nervous for month 3, as Vietnam promises some exciting adventures (and big purchases)! Stay tuned…


– Michael

As always, if you need any help with travel budgeting or saving, comment below or email me at It’s fun for me and I’d LOVE to help.


4 thoughts on “My World Adventure, Month 2 Budget

    • yomichaelgrant says:

      I was able to come in at $732 for month 1 in Thailand, so going over-budget in month 2 isn’t so bad. Vietnam, however, is proving to be a bit more expensive as I’ve bought a motorcycle! So I’ll probably be breaking my budget a bit again, but it’s the best way to travel this amazing country.

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