Camino de Santiago Day 21

Wednesday, April 27

León Rest Day

Finally. A rest day. I slept in today, in a proper bed with sheets and blankets. I could hear my friends packing their backpacks for the day and head out around 8 am. But I went right back to sleep. Finally, a relaxing, peaceful morning.

I got up around 9 am and make my way straight for the Air BnB’s espresso machine. And I immediately took it right back to bed, laid under my blankets, and iced my legs a bit. How great it felt to relax in the morning, and not have to scramble to pack my bag in the dark in a 40+ person albergue. I leisurely showered and checked out of the Air Bnb around 10, only to check into tonight’s albergue at 11.

I stopped by a local farmers market and then explored the city a bit more. I toured the incredible León Cathedral, which was even more impressive in the interior than it’s incredible exterior: Towering columns and cross-hatched ceilings, amazing stone work, and breathtaking stained glass. I’m not one to tour every church along the way, but this one was particularly impressive. I also visited the MUSAC, the Museo de Arte Contemporario, where I ran into Fernando! He’s becoming my Camino bestie.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a day in Spain without wine and tapas. Fernando and I headed back to towards the center of León, where alleys and plazas were lined with tapas bars. With every drink you order, they serve you tapas bites. I love it. We bounced around, bar to bar, plaza to plaza, until we ended up at the Plaza del Graño right outside our hostel. We met a Spanish couple who were walking the Camino as their honeymoon. They were so fun and full of life. We shared many limonadas with them under the hot sun. It was actually so hot, we took a dip in the plaza fountain. Things got a little crazy, those limonadas get you! There’s a chance the León police showed up, but if they did, no one got arrested or anything. 😅

It was a wonderful “rest” day with not as much rest as I would’ve liked. But León is such an amazing city and I’m glad I stayed an extra day to explore and enjoy.


€7 Cathedral

€3 Museum

€10 Food/Drink

€8 Groceries

Total €28


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