Camino de Santiago Day 22

Thursday, April 28

León to Villavante

31 km / 19 Miles

Good morning from a noisy albergue in León. From maybe 5 am on, there was been a lot of rustling in the dark, talking, and packing backpacks. But I wanted to get an early start today, so I guess it’s fine. I’m just surprised sometimes at how disrespectful and loud people can be.

After one rest day in León, my leg still hurt. But I walked slowly and carefully today. I navigated my way through León, departing around 7 am. Leaving cities is always a challenge; there are so many side streets and alleys and arrows are so small and hard to find. It is very easy to get lost.

I met Sara this morning on my way out. She is from England, now living in Ireland. Today is her first day as she is continuing her Camino from a few years ago, this time from León to Sarria. I helped guide her along, pointing out arrows and shells. We shared laughs and stories and had a nice morning despite lackluster highways and industrial areas outside the city.

The Camino then took us through rolling hills and farms (shocking, I know) the rest of the day. A lot of the pilgrims I meet have similar leg/foot problems; I’m not sure if that is comforting or not. But I pushed on, 31 km (19 miles) to Villavante. I wanted to get some extra miles in today, as tomorrow is going to be 75• and sunny and I want to avoid the heat. Today was a beautiful 67 and sunny and I still got super hot at times, as there is no shade in many parts. So I wanted to make tomorrow as short as possible so as not to suffer in the hot sun.

Villavante has almost nothing. There are a homes but one meat store and one albergue, nothing else. So I did some laundry, iced my foot, and relaxed for a bit. (Side note: I can’t wait to properly wash my laundry. I’ve been doing it by hand in a sink with Dr. Bronners or individual detergent packets, and it is not fun nor fully effective. There are some laundry machines along the way but they cost money and I get everything dirty and sweaty the next day hiking anyway. Once I’m finished, everything’s getting a proper wash.) Otherwise, it was a fairly uneventful evening, as it was a small town and there were a few others along the way where I’m assuming most other pilgrims stayed.


€3 Breakfast (Tortilla & Coffee)

€10 Albergue

€12 Dinner

Total €25

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