Camino de Santiago Day 32

Sunday, May 8

Os Penedos to Lavacolla

25 Km / 16 miles

In order to avoid the heat today, we agreed to wake up around 6:30 am. Rhiannon was already gone. And as we began to get ready, Darrel went around giving good morning hugs. This group is so special.

I took off at 7, turning back every so often to watch the sunrise over the farms. It was stunning. We had breakfast together and enjoyed the day together.

I don’t have much specifics, because in all honesty, I’ve been trying to stay present during my final days of the camino.

I’m sorry I just haven’t been as good at taking notes throughout the day. But it’s all because I am really trying to savor every last moment. Here are some pictures…


€7 Lunch

€13 Albergue

€30 Dinner/Drinks

Total €50

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