Camino de Santiago Day 13

Tuesday, April 19

Burgos to… Rabe de las Calzadas

12 km / 7 miles

Okay so I stayed in an Air Bnb with friends last night. I got in around midnight after some (a lot of) drinks. But I had my own bed in a little, lofted room with low ceilings. It was an okay nights sleep, as I woke up at 6 am to get the day started.

It was raining when I left Burgos, and only got worse for the next few hours. I passed the cathedral one last time, and then began my trek onward. I didn’t have a set destination as I failed to plan last night (distracted by wine, obvi), but I figured I would just walk.

I don’t know if it could get any more miserable; I was walking in 40 degree weather, in pouring rain and heavy winds. I was cold and wet and not having it. To make matters worse, I began to feel a bad pain in my upper foot/lower leg, one that would only get worse. I limped my way to the next town, to take refuge in a small cafe. I ordered a tortilla, chocolate croissant, and coffee to cheer myself up. But the day only got colder, wetter, and more painful.

Wet. Cold. In pain.
Coffee, tortilla, and a pan de chocolate to try to make myself feel better.

I decided to end the day after 12 km / 7 miles because of how bad my leg had gotten. I couldn’t flex my foot upward, I could only limp walk, and every so often I’d have a shooting pain in my leg. I limped into the nearest town, Rabe de las Calzadas. My body needed to stop.

I spent the remainder of my day in bed, with my left leg elevated, icing it every so often, and scared that this could be the end of my trip. Was this a stress fracture? Tendinitis? Worse? Kind of freaking out.

€5 Breakfast

€10 Albergue

€10 Dinner

Total €25


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