Camino de Santiago Day 33

Monday, May 9

Lavacolla to Santiago de Compostela

10 km / 6 miles

Happy Birthday Graham!

Oof. Todays the day. The entire room of maybe 50 pilgrims woke around the same time this morning. The energy today is different. Everything is heightened. Everyone’s interaction with each other is more deliberate, more special.

As people finished getting ready, they trickled out to the back patio, awaiting the rest of their walking group. Again, the energy was contagious. Excitement. Sadness. Hesitation. Relief. Accomplishment. I just can’t describe it fully.

We left at 7 am. It felt like a final march. After over a million steps the last 33 days, today, every step mattered. Every farm we passed mattered. Every tree, building, bird might be the last. But we walked on. I cried a bit, truly not wanting this to end. 33 days of high highs and low lows, and now it’s coming to a screeching halt. It’s been an unreal, crazy experience.

We entered Santiago to Chris’ beautiful fiddle playing. We slowly marched through the streets, seeing bits and pieces of the Cathedral every now and then. We filmed each other, capturing these final moments of the Camino forever. And we walked under an archway and turned into the main square. And we made it.

After a bit of celebration, we got our Compostelas and checked into our Air Bnb. We’ll have two days here together before we begin to part ways.


€50 Lunch

€15 Haircut

€70 Drinks


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