Camino de Santiago Day 11

Sunday, April 17

Espinosa del Camino to Atapuerca

22 km 14 miles

Happy Easter! After a good nights sleep (I’m amazed I’m still saying this), I woke early and left at 6:45 am to an incredible sunrise over town. And lighting the trail in front of me, a large full moon. It was so beautiful to see the sky changing color as the sun slowly rose: blues, purples, and pinks. I took it slow, to enjoy my day and not push myself too much. And I booked an albergue in Atapuerca, 22 km ahead, so I could really take my time.


After passing through the next town, Villafranco, I began a steep ascent into the forest, where I’d be walking for much of the day. While it was nice to see pine trees and nature, it did get a bit monotonous, only to be broken up by “El Camino Oasis,” a little rest area with benches, totem poles, and other art. When I finally exited the forest trail, I landed in Ages and enjoyed a needed coffee in a cute cafe.

And I made it into Atapuerta at 12, staying at the cutest albergue, Plazuela Verde. It had a hobbit house feel on the outside, and a warm, cute, cozy cottage feel on the inside. And it only housed 10 peregrinos, with custom built wooden bunks all featuring privacy curtains, lights, and chargers. And the little details really made it amazing: a warm fireplace, rainforest showers, and beautiful tile floors.

La Plazuela Verde

I spent the afternoon getting in a workout outside for a bit. It was a short day, so I figured why not!? Kathy and Katie, whom I met in Grañon, interrupted my workout only to invite me to some afternoon wine. Duh. We went to the only restaurant in town, where we ran into Graham, Darrel, Elena, and Greta, all peregrinos that I’ve traveled with the past few days. We enjoyed many glasses of wine and beer, and shared many stories and laughs together; a wonderful afternoon.

Kathy and Katie caught me working out. And then “convinced” me to go get wine with them.
Sunset in Atapuerca. My teeth might be wine-stained.

Coffee €1.5

Lunch/Drinks €10

Albergue €14

Wine €2

Total €27.50


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