Day 55 – 54 miles to Milford, Utah

Good morning!  And Merry Christmas!

All I need to say is 9 hours of sleep on a soft, comfy queen mattress.  I feel amazing.  Our hosts had a Keurig, which the nine of us guys put to good use.  We had a big breakfast of eggs, turkey sausage, fruit, biscuits, and blueberry muffins.  Ed, Linda, and Andrea took such good care of us, doing our laundry and making us lunch for today.day55boyshost

We met back at the church to load the vans and do our dedication circle.  The entire morning was full of Christmas cheer!  We blasted Christmas songs from the vans, Audrey chopped down a weed for a tree, and we spread holiday cheer!


Today is dedicated to Dot Wright, the mother of my third grade teacher and family friend, Bill Wright.  Dot passed away from colon cancer in 2012.  Today would’ve been Dot and her husband’s 50th wedding anniversary.  Today is for Dot.day55dotwrightdedication

My team was White Christmas with Draper, Sarah, Sluder, and Carolina.  We were last to leave and booked it the entire way.  About 15 miles in, we stopped at the Parowan Gap to see old petroglyphs.  They were pretty cool and all over the rocks.  We even climbed into a small cave and saw worn away petroglyphs.day55teamday55parowangap1day55petroglyphs1day55petroglyphsday55meparowangapday55parowangapme1day55road

We got to Milford at 1:30 pm, welcomed by great Christmas chalking.day55xmas1

Having been on the saddle for 3 hours and traveling54 miles, we averaged about 18 mph.  We had lunch, showered at the Minersville pool, and met Jeff’s grandma, Ginny.  She is currently road-tripping from Alaska to Texas, which will be her new home (I hope I am as adventurous and brave as she is when I’m her age).  After some time talking, I learned she would be doing the Camino de Santiago, a famous spiritual walk through Spain that my father did this past spring.

Ginny took us out to dinner at a local diner.  We still can’t thank her enough for paying for the 30 of us hungry cyclists.  She is so sweet, strong, and adventurous.day55diner

After dinner, we celebrated Christmas!  Audrey and I dressed up as Mrs. Claus and Santa and introduced the “opening” performance – Lauren, Kos, Harshini, and Wasserman doing the Mean Girls Santa’s Little Helpers Dance.  After, Tyler and Holden did a 4K version of “Twas the Night before Christmas” which was absolutely hysterical (and probably not appropriate for this blog.  Personal message me if you want to read it).  And it ended with our Secret Santa around our make-shift Christmas tree (one big weed).  A local woman heard about our Christmas celebration and dropped of a gift bag of decorations, candy, Santa hats, and a mini tree!  Everyone enjoyed opening presents and guessing who got theirs.  Some highlights: AK made Rachel Eddy a hat with a spiral slide for candy that went straight into her mouth, a pink bicycle bell for Harshini (she loves pink and her bike), a white tee-shirt for T-Bear (he loves white tees), and a pack of Starbucks coffees for Sarah (who is one of the biggest coffee-lovers on the team).  Oh, and Santa also left a Hogwarts acceptance letter for the team!  Our Harry Potter theme day is on July 31st and our team got character assignments… Wasserman, Rachel Eddy, and I formed the committee and are planning the Yule Ball (another 4K Prom) on July 31st at night.  I’m Ron!  I’ll post all the character assignments later.  Altogether, it was a Christmas to remember with my amazing 4K family.day55xmastreeday55santameday55performance

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!



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