Day 54 – 75 miles to Cedar City, Utah

After another good night of sleeping in the bunkhouses, we awoke at 6 am for our ride to Cedar City, Utah.  Because of the construction happening on Highway 89 (what we rode on two days ago, that would take us to another highway to Cedar City) and Zion having a mile long tunnel where bicyclists are not permitted, we decided to shuttle through the tunnel, ride the rest of Zion to Interstate 15 (in Laverkin), and then shuttle 40 miles to Cedar City.  Again, these routes have been traveled on for 12 years, but because of the tragic death of Jamie Roberts and various obstacles like construction, we’re playing it safe this year.  Regardless, the ride was beautiful.

Draper, Kos, Lauren, and I teamed up for our descent through Zion.  We sped down the switchbacks, taking in the scenery all around us.  This ride will probably be one of the most beautiful I’ll ever ride.  We stopped in Springdale, right outside of Zion, for breakfast – I had a delicious frittata and an iced coffee.  The four of us rode together to Laverkin, taking our time and enjoying the sights because the other vans were driving our bags and bins to Cedar City.  We ended up getting to Laverkin around 11:30 and waited 2 hours for the van to pick us up and shuttle.  Not ideal, but it was either dangerous construction roads that would end in shuttling, or riding through one of the most beautiful National Parks and shuttling…day54zionselfieday54stephlaurenday54zion2day54zion1day54zionday54virgin

We shuttled to Cedar City, the True Life Community Church, enjoyed dinner, and went home with our host families.  Ed, Laura, and Andrea (Ed’s sisters) were so welcoming and amazing, not to mention they housed all 9 boys of our team.  We hung out, learned a little bit about them, shared our stories, and am now heading to bed.  It’s 10 pm.  Wake-up is at 7:30 am.  Yes.day54boyshost



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