I don’t know about you, but today in Philly did not feel like November 18th.  I had plans to go to the gym, but the minute I stepped foot outside, that changed.  I called up my 4K mentor and friend, Julie, and we agreed it was the perfect day for a bike ride.


Julie, her “Cousin Ally,” and I took a pit stop at Bicycle Therapy for a new seat post and to refill our tires.  It’s a super cool store and all the people that work there are really nice.  Fellow 4K alum and friend, Ali, also met up with us there, and we were off.

We made our way to the Schuylkill River Trail, one of my favorite places to run or cycle.  It’s a beautiful path along the river, with grass, trees, and a unique view of Philadelphia.  We began at the South Street Bridge (where they are extending the path further south!), heading north with the Philadelphia Art Museum in the distance.

It really was a perfect day for riding – 65 degrees and sunny.  It was really windy, but that’s just something I’m going to have to get used to if I’m going to be biking through mountains and the midwest.

8 miles later and we have arrived in Manayunk and decided to stop in their brewery for a break.  Bloody Marys anyone!? (I also got a delicious beet salad with goat cheese, candied pecans, and a raspberry vinaigrette… yum!)



By the time we left the Brewery, the sun was beginning to go down and it was getting chilly.  The ride home was much quicker, as it was more downhill and we were cold.  We were able to catch the sun set over the Schuylkill River, a great end to a fun little ride.

imageimage_4Now to shower and get ready for dinner – I’m taking my dad to the restaurant I work at – Continental!  Bring on the astronauts and lobster mac & cheese!

– Michael


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