Philadelphia Gay News!

What an exciting week it has been!

I’ve reached out to a few papers, hoping to get just a little blurb about my 4K for Cancer bike ride.  However, following a couple phone interviews, meet-ups, and back-and-forth e-mailing, not one, but two full stories have been published this week.  First, The Temple News on Tuesday, and this morning, Philadelphia Gay News!

A little more about myself – Yes, I am gay.  I came out to friends and my immediate family around the same time my mother was diagnosed with cancer.  She was my best friend; we got along so well and did everything together.  We watched American Idol, Ellen DeGeneres, and Oprah, went grocery shopping every Sunday, clothes shopping, went to the beach, read Harry Potter (a HUGE part of my childhood), went to all the Harry Potter premieres and midnight magic parties, cooked, baked, set up for family parties, cleaned, decorated for the holidays, baked hundreds of cookies for Christmas, played board games, visited my grandmother, went for walks, had a weekly Saturday brunch at the local diner, went to the pool, and so much more.  Having such a huge connection to her, and losing her, was a really challenging part of my life, especially in the midst of accepting myself, being comfortable in my own skin, and finding acceptance from others (which in middle and high school, was not easy).  Thankfully, I have reached a time in my life where I am both at peace with my mother’s passing and my sexuality.  I consider myself lucky and am grateful to have had these obstacles at a young age; I am a stronger, more understanding, and more loving a person for experiencing and getting through it.

I am so incredibly thankful to everyone at Philadelphia Gay News, especially Jen, who saw the importance and need for my story to be shared.  Read it online here, or pick it up throughout Philadelphia’s Gayborhood starting tomorrow!

(And of course, any amount of money or sharing is appreciated beyond words.  I am 12% of the way there, having raised $745 of the $6,000 goal! Check out my fundraising page here!)




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