Day 19 – 100 miles to Marion, IL

Another 5 am wake-up, 7 am departure.

Today was dedicated to Joyce Pellegrino, mother of Ann Pellegrino.

Teams were divided into anti-butt chaffing products… Emma, Liliya, Shannon, Katie, and I were Team Dz Nutz.

Throughout today, my muscles felt alright, which was surprising after a century yesterday.  However, fitting with today’s theme, my butt is in intense pain from all the chaffing.  And everyone is feeling the same.

At about mile 40, we all crossed the Ohio River via a ferry which was super cool.  There was a semi right next to all of us, so some got on top and took pictures!



Right after the ferry, we ran into the Welcome to Illinois sign and took more pictures…



Today was probably my hardest day yet… It was another century (after yesterdays 16 hour day) in brutal heat and sun.  There was barely any shade at all.  There was a 20 mile stretch of highway in the middle of nowhere, going straight into the distance until you couldn’t see.  We experienced a lot of headwinds, especially from trucks speeding past us.  At about mile 80, I was feeling extremely dehydrated, having a hard time keeping up and feeling overheated.  The thought of giving up and calling a van crossed my mind many times, but I kept thinking of all the people I’m riding for, my teammates, and my mother.  There was no way I wouldn’t finish.  I kept drinking water and forced myself to eat, giving me enough energy to finish.

We arrived at the host at 7:30 pm.  We showered at a local swimming pool and had donated pizza and pasta for dinner.

Good news!  Tomorrow, I’m driving the host van with Katie, so I can rest.  I’m not sure how I’d fare with a third century in a row.

I’m  going to bed early!  Night!


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