Day 18 – 105 miles to Princeton, KY

5 am wake-up. 7 am departure.  Nashville was a lot of fun but it’s time to continue on…

Today is dedicated to Diane Mastroddi, who died of pancreatic cancer.  She was the mother of Michelle, a friend and fellow coworker at Westchester Broadway Dinner Theatre many years back.


Teams were FIFA World Cup themed – I was on Team Argentina with Emma, Emily, Lauren, and Sluder!  It was a solid team to get me through my very first century (100 mile ride).  This was our best “Argentinian” pose…Image

We spent the first two hours of the ride making a team rap, freestyling and having a fun time.  The rap will be finished shortly and performed for the team!

The teams got separated by about an hour and a half distance, so we had to wait at lunch.  Side note: Waiting at water stops and lunch is painful… we are already so anxious to get to our host as soon as possible and our muscles get cold.  It seems after every stop longer than 5 minutes, we have to warm-up our body all over again, which is not fun.  Also, it’s becoming a trend that water stops are always right before a huge hill.  Not fun.


After lunch, I got two flats, which I was able to change fairly quickly with the help of my team.  With all the waiting and a hundred miles to ride, we realized we would be chasing the sun the rest of the evening.  We pushed through and increased our pace as best as we could.  And we crossed into Kentucky!


Around 7:30 pm, we got to the 100 mile marker, making my first century official!  Though it was late and a long day, the sun setting over the horizon made for a pretty amazing “first century” picture!


And about 5 miles later, around 8 pm and sunset, we arrived at our host, the Northside Baptist Church and HR Ministries.  The parking was full of all of our riders, coincidentally arriving not too far apart from each other.  Everyone was ecstatic to have finished our first of 3 centuries in a row.  It was pretty cool to celebrate, especially for our hosts to witness.  We enjoyed a delicious southern dinner with an Alabama Vacation Bible School who was in the area doing missionary work on homes.  We showered, stretched, and now it’s bed time… We’ve got to do it all over again tomorrow!




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