Camino de Santiago Day 9

Friday, April 15

Nájera to Grañon

It was a beautiful morning leaving Nájera, climbing a hill out and turning around to see the city twinkle down below.

Like always, I walked through fields and farms and towns as the sun lit up the sky.

Santo Domingo in the distance.

I got to the city of Santo Domingo around 11, and decided to forge on as it was too early to stop.

I made it to the next town, Grañon, around noon, and checked into a donativo albergue in the main church. I entered a narrow stone staircase that led to a room and loft. It was a charming kitchen, dining, and living room with stone walls and cottage-like windows. Lofted above the living space was an area with 10 floor mats for sleeping.

My bed.

We enjoyed a wonderful communal dinner, where we all helped to prepare: peeling carrots and potatoes, chopping garlic and onions, and setting the tables. I met many new friends here, one of which being Chris from Australia, who provided beautiful fiddle music while we prepared, enjoyed, and cleaned up dinner. It was one of the best meals and experiences so far, 30 peregrinos enjoying a nice hot, home cooked meal, and great conversation.

After cleaning up dinner (as a team), we entered the chapel of the connected church. It was very dark, only lit by small candles throughout. Chris’ fiddle skills created a magical atmosphere, where our host left us with blessings and well wishes for our camino. We each passed around a candle, also sharing our own wishes for our personal Caminos. It really was a beautiful evening.

€14 Groceries

€6.5 Lunch

€* Donativo

Total €20.5*


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