Day 35 – Rest Day in Syracuse, Kansas (Halfway Lessons)

Hey y’all – This morning we got to sleep in!  Breakfast was provided by Daylight Donuts (they also offered free coffee all day)!  The woman stopped by later in the day to drop off extra donuts that they were throwing out this evening.

Today was really chill – we hung out, caught up on blogging, cleaned our bikes, and did laundry.  Lauren and I continued to plan prom.  And the local movie theatre, Northrup Theatre, which was originally built in 1940 and still in tact with beautiful murals on the inside, invited us to watch “The Fault in Our Stars” for free with complimentary “pop” and popcorn.  The movie was good – really emotional and hit pretty close to home.  I’m not good at sad movies, so let’s just say my sweatshirt is covered in snot.

The United Methodist Church had a service, playing religious music and saying a couple of prayers for us.  Community members joined, as well, and cooked dinner for us.

All in all, it was a relaxing, productive day.

And now that we are at the halfway mark, 35 days down and 35 days to go, I thought I’d share some 4K Survival tips and lessons

  1. Peanut butter goes great with everything… fried chicken, clif bars, and pizza.  Don’t ask questions.
  2. Close your mouth on downhills.  One word: Bugs.
  3. Always add 10 miles to the daily route.  Reroutes and wrong turns will happen.
  4. Keep baby wipes on your person/bike when riding.  You never know when nature will call.
  5. Beds are a luxury.
  6. Hitchhiking is fine.
  7. Not all dogs are cute, cuddly, or friendly.  If you see/hear one, unclip your shoes immediately and get your water bottle ready to squirt them with.  Do not use a bag of rocks.
  8. It’s amazing how close you can get to 30 strangers in just a month.
  9. Everyone loves to make us lasagna.  The good news: Everyone loves to make garlic bread, too, and garlic bread is amazing.
  10. There is no food that can’t be eaten by the hands – spaghetti, hummus, or cake – it can and will be done.
  11. Chamois butter will be your best friend.
  12. Find out you’re lactose intolerant before the 4K. CoughHarshiniCoughChrisCough.
  13. Finding your teammates bought you iced coffee at the first water stop can really change your outlook on a day.
  14. You will go crazy.  It isn’t an option.
  15. Kansas is not flat.  Or fun.

More to come, I’m sure.



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