Day 14 – Shuttled to Jamestown, TN

We woke up at 8 am to Brian Satola.  He explained a little more of the situation to us, both the accident and how we would move forward.  Again, none of the teams would be riding for the next few days, to honor Jamie and the tragedy.  He reinforced that it was an accident, no one’s fault, and that we would continue the 4K.  Jamie’s parents knew it was what Jamie wanted, for Team Portland, and all teams, to complete their missions west.  We heard a few stories about Jamie, what we heard from her teammates, and how selfless she was.  She was a natural team player, motivating her team, making sure they woke up on time, and leading their ride across the country.  Any and all donations, as per request of her family, should be made to her 4K for Cancer profile page.

We cleaned the church, packed the vans, and got ready to head to Jamestown, TN via our vans.  I had the task of writing the Thank You note, which was a challenge.  From the priest to all the volunteers, everyone united and supported us during this difficult time.  They provided more than we could have ever expected, making our loss a little more palatable.

Once in Jamestown, we went on a team hike (while a few members returned to Knoxville to shuttle our bikes and bags).  Pickett State Park provided a nice environment to clear our minds and spend time together.