Camino de Santiago Day 5

Monday April 11

Punta la Reina to Estella

22 km / 14 miles

I woke up at 5 this morning and decided to get an early start so that I could take breaks if needed; my feet are really starting to hurt throughout the day. I left the Albergue de Padres Reparadores at 6:15, walking the main street through a dimly lit town and over another beautiful medieval style arch bridge over the Arga River. The stars were bright and morning birds and roosters slowly began to wake, their chirping the only other sound besides my steps.

Today took me, yet again, through many small villages, separated by rolling green hills and farmland. I passed many vineyards, but as harvest season isn’t until the fall, there were no grapes to be seen (or stolen and eaten). Though I was a little disappointed by that, the beautiful Spanish countryside and charming old world towns more than made up for it.

Closer to Estella, the Camino followed alongside the highway, and then eventually, what had to be an olive oil factory because as I passed all I could smell was olives in the air. And I didn’t know it yet, but even in the city of Estella, that would be all I could smell. I hate olives but something about smelling it in the air in Spain was really cool and apropos.

Upon arrival, I walked the town, had a cappuccino in the main square, Plaza de San Juan, explored a bit, and got groceries for future meals to save some money. I checked in at Albergue Parroquial San Miguel (a “donativo” that runs on donations) and enjoyed homemade dinner with Fernando and L. We went back into town in the evening for hot chocolate, churros, and a symphony performance in the main church. It was really, really beautiful.


Cappuccino €3

Groceries €16

Donation €*

Total €19*


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