Camino de Santiago Day 3

Saturday, April 9

Zubiri to Pamplona

23 km / 14 miles

I left Zubiri around 6:45 AM, navigating the beginning of the day with my headlamp in the dark. The way was along a trail, running parallel to a river and a highway that connects multiple little villages. In between those villages were wooded areas and farms, some with sheep and other animals. My body and feet are starting to feel some pain, but otherwise, it was a peaceful walk under a warming sun.

As I approached Pamplona from the northeast, I could see massive walls guarding the city. The Camino went straight through and up, passing through an old draw bridge door, and into the city.

The minute I walked into Pamplona, I fell in love. Narrow cobblestone streets entertained groups of people, congregating at different cafes and bars. No cars were in sight, only lively groups of people celebrating the beginning of the week of Easter. And while I got lost finding the albergue, I stumbled upon a parade of giant puppets dancing through the streets.

After checking in at Jesus y Maria Albergue, hosting over 200 pilgrim beds, I went exploring the city with friends, stopping at different cafes and enjoying sangria, pinchos (tapas/snacks), and great people watching. We saw Ernest Hemingway’s favorite cafe, the San Fermin stadium which holds bull fights, and many old churches.

We had dinner on the Plaza de Castillo consisting of delicious tapas and local Rioja wine. And after dinner, we couldn’t pass up a Saturday evening in Pamplona. We had a blast bar hopping and drinking in the lively, crowded streets with the locals. I have really fallen in love with how vibrant and eclectic this city is.

Our fun was cut a bit short, though, as the albergue locked it’s doors at 10 pm sharp. Which is probably for the best since we have a long day tomorrow.

Coffee €1.5

Lunch €8

Albergue €11

Dinner/drinks ~€40 (Oops)

Total €60


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