Motorbiking Vietnam Part IV: Nha Trang to Da Lat

Motorbiking Vietnam Part IV: Nha Trang to Da Lat

Duration: 1 riding day, 5 hours

Distance: 140 km

The ride to Da Lat took us back into the mountains. We made some stops along the way for pictures, and arrived in Da Lat around 2 pm.


My bike is having some more issues, making a weird grinding sound. I’ve decided to pay a relatively large amount of money to have a mechanic fix it. Hopefully it will get me to Ho Chi Minh City without any more problems! It’s stressful, but again, part of the adventure.


Da Lat

Da Lat is a beautiful town, known for surrounding flower farms and waterfalls. I went for a run around the town’s lake and the gardening market never stopped: flowers, trees, vases, and sculptures everywhere.


Everyone goes to Da Lat for the amazing waterfalls and canyoning experience. If you’re feeling adventurous, strap on your harness and repel cliffs and waterfalls. I booked with VietChallenge (through Da Lat Family) and had an amazing time. Our tour guides, Chicken Man, Mango, and Bamboo, picked me out of the bunch to pick on. Perhaps it was because of how terrified I was and how my body froze as I tried to repel. But between them and our group (about 30 people from the hostel), it was so much fun.





An 11 m jump!

Where to Stay
Da Lat Family Hostel

Right now, they are unable to house travelers, as their license had been taken away the night before I arrived because of noise complaints. But hopefully, they are able to get it back, because Mama and her staff are amazing. Although we couldn’t stay there overnight, Da Lat Family is where everyone hangs out. Alcohol is cheap and Mama makes an amazing family dinner every night. Everyone gathers around and shares communal bowls of rice, spring rolls, vegetables, chicken, tofu, beef, french fries, and more! Mama is welcoming and fun, and she always has fruit out on the table for snacks. She might even throw you a fresh spring roll from the kitchen if you’re lucky.




Family Dinner!

For sleeping, there are a few hostels surrounding Da Lat Family, including the Note Hostel, which is $4/night for a bed and breakfast. Pretty good deal.


Locals, travelers, and I enjoying a night of music and attempting English conversation!


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