Motorbiking Vietnam Part III: Hoi An to Nha Trang

Motorbiking Vietnam Part III: Hoi An to Nha Trang

Duration: 3 riding days

Distance: 720 km

Stopped in Kon Tum, Tuy Hoa

In Hoi An, I met Sina from Germany, who is also riding down south. We left together for Nha Trang, covering 720 km over the course of 3 days, averaging 240 km per day. We decided to drive back onto the Ho Chi Minh Trail instead of the coastal route, hoping to avoid trucks and buses. It was a long few days, driving through small villages, mountains, cities, and even the clouds at one point. It was both super hot in the sun and freezing cold high up in the mountains.

We stopped overnight in Kon Tum and Tuy Hoa on our way, two smaller cities with little to do. So maybe it was a good thing I got food poisoning on day two. I think it’s from some local food I ate, possibly intestines, and I was sick and feverish all evening. The next day, I was feeling a bit better, and pushed on to get to Nha Trang.




Coffee break for Winnie and Eagle.



A few tips for long drives: stay hydrated, take breaks, and don’t push it. I developed a pain in my eyes from focusing on the road for 8+ hours a day and not drinking enough water. Take your time.

Nha Trang

So, a lot of backpackers have said that Nha Trang is nothing special. But I had to see it for myself. And it is nothing special. In fact, it doesn’t even feel like Vietnam.

Nha Trang is overrun with Russian tourists, resorts, and little Vietnamese culture. It’s very much a vacation town, with an expensive water park, fancy restaurants, and pricey hotel sky bars. For us, a couple days on the beach were just enough.






There is, of course, a backpackers neighborhood near the beach where budget hotels and restaurants make Nha Trang a bit more palatable. We stayed at Mojzo Inn and were pleased by the staff. Tween and her other colleagues learned our names before we got off our motorbikes, had cold water ready for us, and even carried our bags to our room. For just $7/night for a dorm, including breakfast, Mojzo Inn was a great place to stay.





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