Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay, located in Northern Vietnam, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for good reason: its stunning limestone karsts jet out of the water and tower above the beautiful crystal blue bay.


I was in Halong Bay for New Years Eve, so I opted for an expensive 3-day/2-night party package with Vietnam Backpackers Hostel called “Castaways.” Myself and about 40 other backpackers traveled to an island in Halong Bay where we met maybe 75 other young party animals. We would be staying in dorm bungalows on the island, really a beach surrounded almost completely with towering limestone rocks.


On the first day, we went tubing, rock climbing, and wake boarding (in which I failed miserably and instead face planted the water every time). On New Years Day, we took a boat tour around the bay, jumped off the boat, and kayaked through stunning caves. And the people I met made it so much fun. The tour guides were pretty much like the rest of us, just with a bit more responsibility. It was three days of drinking, dancing, and a TON of fun.

Castaways was a great time if you’re looking for a party while enjoying Halong Bay. There are other boat tours and packages you can book, all a bit pricey for Southeast Asian standards, but well worth the visit. Whatever way you choose to go, you must see Halong Bay.



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