Monteverde and Montezuma, Costa Rica

After a fun-filled bunch of days partying and laying poolside, it was time for more adventure.  I crossed the border into Costa Rica and headed straight for Monteverde.  There, I went zip-lining, hiking, on a night walk through the rainforest (saw a sloth!), went bungee jumping, and explored the Monteverde National Cloud Forest. It was a beautiful, and fun, couple of days in the rain forests of Costa Rica.

And for the final days of my trip, I spent my time in Montezuma on the Nicoya Penninsula, visiting a friend I made back in Philadelphia, Katy! Though I did some exploring, hiking, and waterfall adventuring, I spent most of my time relaxing on the beach.  After so much adventure and adrenaline, it was the perfect way to end my trip.  And seeing a familiar face from home was awesome.

Back to the states tomorrow morning!



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