San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Wednesday morning, I woke up early and said goodbye to Koni before heading back to San Juan del Sur. Koni’s going straight to Costa Rica for her flight home. She’s an awesome and inspiring 21 year old from Austria that’s done so much with her life already. She’s climbed the Alps (and part of Mount Everest), studied Shaolin in China, and has worked on a farm in India. She’s taught me so much about travel, survival, and life. We traveled really well together and hopefully we’ll meet up again for another adventure.

I caught local transportation back to San Juan del Sur. I walked up a giant hill to the Naked Tiger Hostel. There, I checked in and was greeted with a beer. What a great foreshadowing for the next five days there.
I could try to tell y’all what I did each day, but to be honest, it’s all a bit of a blur. I went into town a bunch, hit up Playa Ramonso and Playa Maderas (a must… It was absolutely beautiful. And it’s a popular surf spot. I took a cheap lesson and got up on my first wave)! I also hiked up to the statue of Christ of Misericordia, with a killer (but windy) view of San Juan del Sur.
And aside from that, I spent my time relaxing by the Naked Tiger’s pool with a drink in my hand. The hostel was on a hill, secluded from town and had an amazing view of the ocean. (They also provided free shuttles to town every two hours from 8 am to 2 am!)
met up with Paige and Karrie there (the Canadians I traveled with at the beginning of my trip) and we had so much fun just hanging out and doing nothing. We met a bunch of fun people, including Libb and Keith from Ireland, who we partied with all weekend.
At the Naked Tiger, we drink. Every sunset, everyone gathers around the pool and shotguns a beer. They provide shuttles to local beaches. They have a fun staff that drinks just as much as you do. It was probably one of my favorite hostels I’ve stayed at.

And how could I forget about Sunday Funday (even though I can’t actually remember most of it).  We started drinking around noon at the Naked Tiger. Around two, we shuttles down to Aramar, a bar with a pool on the beach. Pool, drinking, and an awesome DJ! Then we went back to the Naked Tiger, accompanied by a couple hundred people: More drinks, more dancing, and more fun. And after that, as if we hadn’t drank enough, we went to a club on the beach, did shots, and I guess more dancing. Sunday Funday brought me back to a (poolside) college frat party, and I’m not ashamed to admit I loved every second of it.

Go to San Juan del Sur. Go to the Naked Tiger. And good luck at Sunday Funday.

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