Poste Rojo, Granada, Nicaragua

After 2 buses, a taxi, 4 hours, and $10, Koni and I arrived around 7 pm to Poste Rojo, a treehouse hostel. We began our ascent into the jungle with a cell phone flashlight. We climbed for maybe ten minutes before reaching the treehouse reception and common space. We got a tour of the hostel, including a “hammock dorm,” a 90 foot long suspension bridge, and finally our space: a tiny treehouse maybe 30 feet up with two hammocks and a killer view of the Nicaraguan jungle. While terrified to be sleeping outdoors, it was an exhilarating adventure.

Koni and I hung out at the main treehouse for a bit. I texted a friend about the treehouse hostel and his reply was, “Are there tarantulas?” WHAT. I hadn’t even thought about it. Fuck. And as I lifted my head, I didn’t need to search any further. On the wall, next to a cute little mirror, sat a giant tarantula. It was too late. Fear wasn’t even an option. Sure, it was scary, but I had no way out. It was pitch black, 9 pm, and we were in the middle of the jungle. I caught my reflection in the mirror and laughed. Bring it.

After some much needed beers, we made our way to our private treehouse. We wrapped ourselves in blankets on our hammocks and took a deep breath. “Do you wanna turn the light out?” I asked Koni. And with that, everything went dark. As our eyes adjusted, stars began to appear, covering the night sky. It was just us and the jungle. No walls, no heat, not even a mosquito net. Nothing would stop a tarantula, snake, or monkey from eating us. Nothing would protect us.
Let’s just say it wasn’t the best sleep I’ve had. For one, I felt infinitely more itchy than normal. And every sound would wake me up, fearing something had found us. And at around 3 am, the monkeys had awaken. And decided to wake everything else up too. They howled until the sunrise. And after the sun rose, I was definitely not falling back asleep.
We hung out on the hammocks, watching nature wake up. Birds began chirping and flying about, and the monkeys continued to howl, jumping between branches and trees. I felt like an outsider looking in, that I was secretly watching a whole different world.

We ate breakfast at the main treehouse, enjoying our last bit of howler monkeys before taking off to San Juan del Sur for Sunday Funday, a huge party/pool crawl that I’ve heard a lot about. Monday morning, we’re headed to Isla de Ometepe and then I’m probably going back to San Juan del Sur for longer than a day! (A full San Juan del Sur blog will follow after Ometepe).

See yaaa!

2 thoughts on “Poste Rojo, Granada, Nicaragua

  1. Ann says:

    Love all your posts, Michael!! Be careful!! Freezing here! See what you are missing. Be safe! Ann

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