Flores e Tikal


I’m currently writing this from my cool hostel in Flores. There may or may not be tostadas and a few beers next to me.

Monday morning, I’m on the road again! Paige, Karrie, Tanja, and I traveled to Flores together. We took a five hour bus from Belize City, crossing the border into Guatemala about halfway. Around 3 pm, we got to Flores, a small island that reminded me much of an Italian town. It was built on a hill in the middle of Lake Petenitza with cobblestone streets circling the island. All the buildings are small but beautiful, with charming colorful architectural details. Paige, Karrie, and I watched the sunset (and took selfies) before heading back to our awesome hostel, Los Amigos. The main building has a cool open air courtyard with tropical plants, colorful lights, a pool table, bar, swing, different seating areas, and a lofted “treehouse” with a thatched roof. We put the bar to good use while we were there. 😉

Speaking of which, I need another beer.

Okay, back. Sorry. This morning, I woke up at 4 am to catch a shuttle to the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal, one of the biggest and best of the Mayan sites. Yes, I had coffee. Guatemalan coffee at that. Mmm! I explored Tikal at my own pace, adventuring through different ruins and sitting atop different temples (I also took a lot of selfies. Duh.) The best was Temple IV. It’s the tallest one and the views from the top were absolutely amazing. You can see Temples I, II, and V. I sat at the top of it for a while, taking it all in. I couldn’t help but imagine the Mayans so many years ago at this site, performing rituals and sacrifices to their gods. Tikal is a magical place.

I won’t have wifi for a few days; we’re going into the jungle (Semuc Champey). So if you don’t hear from me, I’m probably still alive. Hopefully. Yeah.

Now to finish my beer and have a few more with friends! We’ve got a long bus ride to Semuc Champey, so we’ll sleep then? Talk to ya in Antigua!


PS Guatemala is so inexpensive! $9 for a hostel, $0.65 for great street food, and $1.57 for a drink (or if you’re like me, $9.40 for 7 drinks).




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