Roughing It

My trip is coming up and I’ve decided if I’m going to backpack, I’ve got to do it right.  Therefore, I’m going to try to pack as little as possible and leave as many luxuries and non-essentials behind.  As someone that spends a good amount of time on Facebook, a lover of comfort, and one who puts effort into my daily appearance, this may be what one calls “roughing it.”

I’ll be saying “see ya later” to my computer.  I’m going to separate from the worlds of Facebook, Pinterest, and e-mail as much as possible.  Not to worry though, I’ll still be instagram-ing (@michaelinstagrant) and blogging from my phone as much as I can.

Though I’ve done it before, I’ll be staying in dormitory-style hostels with a bunch of other travelers.  And I understand that many places don’t have hot water.  More 4K-style freezing cold showers for me!  Maybe even a hose or river shower?

Anyone know how laundry works?  I’m not quite sure how often I’ll get to clean my clothes, but you probably won’t be able to smell me through Instagram anyway.

On that note, I’m trading in my cologne for a new scent: bugspray and sunscreen.

I’m leaving my razor at home, which means hello beard!  For those of you who know me, my facial hair grows in fast, thick, and red.  This was a struggle to accept, but shaving everyday and carrying my electric razor just isn’t practical.

And I’m growing my hair out.  Maybe it’ll turn into a cute man-bun, maybe it’ll just be a thick, untamable, mop.  Regardless, between my hair and my beard, I’ll resemble some sort of mountain-man.  Get ready.

Before anyone freaks out, not to worry: I will be bringing my tweezers and eyebrow pencil.  It’s gonna take a lot more to give up my eyebrows.

See you on the other side.  If you recognize me.



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