I should probably start learning Spanish…

Call me crazy, but February 4th, I’m leaving for a 4-week solo backpacking trip through Central America!


A photo from my friend Liz’s recent trip to Costa Rica.

I know I just got to San Diego, but I’m already craving more adventures.  After some of my best friends traveled to Costa Rica and other Central American countries, I decided it was time for me to go.  I asked a couple of close friends if they wanted to accompany me, but they had work and other responsibilities to attend to.  While I would’ve loved to travel with friends, I just want to go to Central America.  So, after about a month of research, I booked my ticket this morning.

Later today, I’m going to be picking up typhoid fever and malaria medications.  And then the rest of the month will be dedicated to more research and learning Spanish.  Oh yeah, did I mention, I don’t know any Spanish?  Yeah…

I have a rough itinerary planned:

I fly into Cancun, Mexico (cheaper than Belize City).  I really have no interest in Cancun, as it’s mostly resorts and a spring break destination.  I’ll be taking an 8 hour overnight bus to Belize City, which should only cost $40 (thereby saving about $100 by not flying into Belize City).  There, I want to explore Caye Caulker Island for a bit.  I think it goes without saying that all Central American countries have amazing beaches, so I’ll definitely be relaxing there.  Caye Caulker is also near the Great Blue Hole, which would be amazing to snorkel around.

From there, I plan on heading west to San Ignacio, Belize and then to Guatemala to visit Tikal, known for magnificent Mayan ruins.  From what I’ve read, Tikal is a must see.

I’ll then travel south to the beautiful town of Antigua and then to Lake Atitlan, a lake surrounded by three volcanos.

Up next would be a quick trip to El Salvador, really just passing through to get to Nicaragua.  I’ll probably visit Leon, Granada, and San Juan del Sur.  I hear in Granada there are treehouse hostels where you can sleep on a hammock outside for $7.  You go to sleep with the stars and wake up to birds, howler monkeys, and I’m sure a lot of other wildlife.

And finally, I’d finish my trip in Costa Rica.

Along the way, I want to scuba (I can finally put my certification from college to use!), hike, volcano board, snorkel, surf, zipline, cave tube, hopefully see whale sharks, and so much more.

Any suggestions on must-see or must-do things (besides learn some Spanish) !? I’d love to hear more ideas!



One thought on “I should probably start learning Spanish…

  1. Sheila says:

    Be careful and good luck. I was thinking of you today, on my alumni fb page there was a call for actors to join dramatic adventure to go to Eastern Europe this summer. Dramaticadventure.com
    Be safe!

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