Day 69 – 52 miles to Mill Valley, California

Good morning!  It was pretty hard getting out of bed today, since we slept in clouds of fluffy, plush pillows and comforters.  We went down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast, sitting with Elliot and his family.  I still can’t stop saying how great of a family they are, truly loving each other very much.

We shuttled to the church, loading the vans for the last time (the alumni will be loading our vans tomorrow).  Everyone took a bit longer to get ready today, as it’s kind of our last real riding day.

Today is dedicated to Team San Francisco and every person we are riding for this summer.  We would not be here if it weren’t for those people fighting and killed by cancer.  To Chad Cripe, Ryan Donaghey, Aunt Dani, Dominic, Samy, Aunt Cathy, Robin Moskal, Jamie Roberts, and every single person we have ever dedicated a day to – they are some of the most inspiring stories I’ve ever heard.  This trip has given me so much comfort to know these stories and to share in our (unfortunate) connection with each other.  Today is for the warriors who won, the brave that are fighting, and the angels that are watching over us.

We got to pick teams today, so Draper, Kos, Lauren, Katie, and I teamed up.  We took our time and rode all 52 miles as slow as we could.  No one wants this trip to be over.  We spent all day being our stupid, crazy selves, talking in Simmish, dancing, and being straight up weird.

We got to Mill Valley around 6, had dinner at In-N-Out Burger, and then went back to the church for our last night together (also our last hose shower, hopefully for forever).

It was an emotional night, with everything going around the room, talking about the trip and each other.  We stayed up for hours, sharing memories, tears, and laughter.  We are a family.  And I don’t think I’ll have such unique connections with anyone else.  This trip is so crazy and only our team, Team San Francisco, can fully understand everything we went through.  I love them all and do not want tomorrow to come.



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