Day 68 – 62 miles to Napa, California

Good morning!

Today is dedicated to Team San Francisco, Team Portland, and Jamie Roberts.  A guy, Eric, joined our team.  He’s friends with UCF and owns a truck that he customized in honor of Jamie.  It’s got the “4K Portland JR” heart all over the truck and every mile it drives, the company donates a $1 for Jamie.  It was pretty cool to have Eric join us.

So in our excitement to reach Napa, Draper, Cario, Jeff, Casey, and I teamed up and decided to leave first, skipping all water stops, and making the best time we could.  We obviously stocked up on cliff bars and stopped at gas stations when we needed to fill up on water.

The ride was beautiful, passing vineyards, fields of flowers, and rolling hills.  We had an awesome time together, not worrying about anything but having fun and dreaming of the wine we’d soon be drinking.  I forgot to mention each hotel room at the resort comes with a complimentary bottle of wine.  So yeah.  We pedaled our asses off.

At one point there was construction, so our only option was to get on an interstate for a mile (illegal) or add 6 miles to our route.  After talking it over, and riding down the ramp to see what the interstate looked like, we sucked up the extra mileage and the headwinds that came with it.

We rolled into the Meritage Resort and Spa around 12, checking in, and exploring our rooms.  They were gorgeous, complete with a stunning bathroom with glass shower, two huge, plush queen sized beds, a flat screen tv, balcony, bottle of wine, and robes.  We were in heaven.

We left the hotel and went to our initial host, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. to unload vans and leave our bikes there overnight.  And Brian Satola (Ulman’s COO) was there to greet us!  Our team absolutely loves Brian.  He met up with us in Tennessee after Jamie passed and is not only a great part of Ulman, but just a great guy in general.  He’s warm, loving, and so fatherly to our team.

After lunch, we shuttled back to the hotel, showered, popped the bottle of wine, put our robes on, and jumped into bed.  It was so nice to enjoy a day of luxury.  We went down to the lobby for a wine tasting, and then enjoyed some drinks by the pool and hot tub.  Landis’ parents made an appearance, this time surprising her with her cousin from Van Couver.  The minute she saw him, she freaked out, ran across the hotel lobby, and jumped into his arms.  It was so adorable.

The Stein’s, who are awesome people, took us out to dinner.  We “shuttled” there, this time not in 4K vans but in a huge party bus complete with colored lights, music, and a flat screen tv.  Dinner was amazing, complete with guacamole, great mexican food, and margaritas.  Certainly, our team is enjoying our last few days with each other.

Back at the hotel, we got a couple bottles of wine from the bar and brought them up to our room.  Kos, Lauren, and I sat in our robes on the balcony for a couple hours, reminiscing about the trip and talking about our future.  I also forgot to mention Lauren accidentally dropped over $90 on the two bottles of wine.

We ventured off to the hot tub later in the night and took advantage of our one day in amazing luxury.



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