Day 67 – 65 miles to Davis, California


Today is my last van day!  Adam and I were in the water van, chalking the route, feeding the riders, and providing any support we could.  Today is dedicated to Team San Francisco, Team Portland, and Jamie Roberts.

It was a pretty average day until we got to Sacramento.  There, my mentor Rob from San Francisco 2007 and 2009 met up with us.  While he made his way to our lunch stop, Adam and I trekked ahead, chalking our riders through Sacramento and onto a bike path that went straight to Davis.  The issue with cities is that there are always a ton of turns, traffic, and sometimes unexpected detours because of construction.  So Adam and I spent over an hour in the city, consisting of him driving and pulling over at every turn, me jumping out of the van, and running around chalking each turn as best I could.  At one point, we hit construction, so we had to detour our riders even more turns and practically in a big circle.  I literally felt like I ran a marathon, sweating like crazy and constantly out of breath.  A day like today is proof that van days are not rest days.  It’s usually more mentally taxing and sometimes pretty physical too.

We got out riders through the city, with alum Rob joining the team.  As we went back to lunch, packed up, and then passed riders, we cheered them on, with me doing illegal things and hanging out the window.

When we arrived in Davis, I chalked the crap out of our hosts’ driveway, unloaded the vans, and cleaned them.  We got a phone call that Kos fell, so we went back to get her.  We went to dinner around 6 at Burger’s and Brews.  Dinner was on Erica’s uncle, who is currently battling cancer.  It was a great meal and nice to enjoy good beers.  I made a toast for the team, also announcing that tomorrow, with the help of Elliot and the Stein family, we would be staying in a five star hotel and resort in Napa.  Everyone went crazy.

We spent the rest of the evening hanging out in the town.



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