Day 64 – 67 miles (40 miles) to Yosemite National Park

We rolled out this morning as quick as we could in order to get to some mysterious breakfast.  We made a random left turn without a building in sight.  We got to a runway with a plane and were greeted by Landis’ parents, Mike and Tanna.  I was instantly brought to tears at how amazing they are, flying to Lee Vining in the early morning to surprise their daughter and our team.  They provided breakfast for us of yogurt, pastries, granola, and fruit.

Today is dedicated to Team San Francisco and my family – my mom, my dad, and my brothers Andrew and Kyle.  The first time I visited Yosemite was with them, as part of a cross-country vacation planned by my mom.  It’s a special place for me, not only being a beautiful place, but holding magical memories.  To my brother Kyle and my dad, thank you for your constant support and love.

We climbed 12 miles into Yosemite National Park, battling at least 12% grades the entire way.  Once we got into the park, we enjoyed the most beautiful rock formations and mountains.

At lunch, we enjoyed more food from Landis’ parents: guacamole, a broccoli salad, and pie of all kinds!  After, a bunch of us shuttled to the campgrounds about an hour away to set up tents and unload bikes because we knew we would have to shuttle some riders to dinner at 5:30 pm.  There were a lot of windy roads and steep ascents/descents, so it took us a long time to get to Hodgdon Meadows.  We got away with our 8 tents for 30 people (which was pretty crowded), unloaded our bikes, and put as much food and toiletries in the bear bins as possible.  Because we didn’t have service all day and teams encountered a thunderstorm, we had to shuttle and got to dinner an hour late.  I was super stressed because I couldn’t communicate with our dinner host, the Yosemite Velo Bike Club, but when we got there, they were understanding and super cool.  They made us pasta and garlic bread and talked to us about Yosemite and bears.  We actually saw another bear in the valley.  They are having a ton of bear problems this summer, probably because of the wildfires, so we were warned to be careful with food.  We showered in Curry Village (where I stayed with my family years ago) and got back to the campsite at 10 pm.  It was a little bit challenging to get what we needed from our duffels, put them into the vans, and then find our tents.  Draper, Kos, Lauren, and I shared a tent.


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