Day 62 – Rest Day in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada

We started the morning at the Tahoe-Carson Cancer Center.  We got a tour of the facility, seeing the chemotherapy wing with comfy chairs overlooking the mountains, a beautiful library with resources and information booklets, an living room with a television, a room full of wigs, and a massage room.

After, we went to the Tahoe Rotary Club meeting for lunch.  Among other fun events and jokes (some of the 4K kids did not understand), we enjoyed their presentation on Nevada trains, I spoke about the 4K, and we thanked them for hosting us in Lake Tahoe.

After, it was time for the beach!  We went down to the lake, taking advantage of everything it had to offer: kayaking, swimming, tanning, and a beach bar.  Lauren and I probably spent a solid 4 hours at the beach bar, fantasizing about future travels and plans.  I’m still trying to convince her to move to San Diego with me, so if you know her (or don’t), Facebook/Text her and harass her for me.  It was a great day with the team, being our last rest day together.  Greg (our host) and the Rotary club provided a BBQ for us with burgers and potato salad.  We ended the day watching the sunset over the distant mountains.  Draper, Kos, Lauren, Erica, Katie and I sat on the edge of the dock and reminisced about the entire trip.  I’m going to miss this team so much.

On our way back to the host, we saw a bear in the parking lot.  Being a little drunk, it was more of a funny experience than scary.  Back at the house, a bunch of us jumped in the hot tub and stargazed.  We saw a bunch of shooting stars and an amazing view of the lake, lit up by the moonlight.



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