Day 53 – Rest Day in Zion, Utah

After a nice sleep in bunkhouses (and beds), we took the vans through Zion National Park to Springdale, the town right outside the west end of the Zion.  We had a delicious breakfast, shopped a little in the cute town, and then ventured back through the park.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…day53breakfastday53zionday53laurenmeday53zionviewday53meday53zion1day53laurenmejump

Once we got back to the ranch, we took some boats out onto the lake again.  Draper brought his speakers and some beers and we all relaxed in the hot afternoon sun.  We all jumped into the water and splashed around, switched boats, and laid out to tan (read: even out our tan lines).  Finally, a true rest day; no waiting in an Apple store for 5 hours, no skydiving, no off-roading; just pure resting.day53lakegroupday53lakeme

I also napped for about an hour while some teammates made dinner.  More hotdogs, potatoes, and beans on the campfire.  Lauren and I also hosted game shows for our teammates, including Survivor, Price is Right, Weakest Link, Family Feud, Figure it Out, and more.  It was a great two days at the Clear Creek Ranch.day53sunset



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