Day 52 – 73 miles to Zion, Utah

After a huge breakfast at a local hotel (full buffet of eggs, pancakes, french toast, sausage, bacon, biscuits, yogurt, granola, cereal, fruit, donuts, and more), we departed for Zion around 8 am.  It was a cold morning.day52brycededicationcoldday52brycebreakfast

Today is dedicated to Shelby Tess, the young girl we met yesterday.day52dedication

Teams were divided by boy bands… Linnea, Jeff, Adam, Wasserman, and I were the Backstreet Boys (my favorite of all of them).  The first few miles was on an awesome bike path through red rock canyons.  However, the next stretch of mileage was on an iffy highway undergoing construction.  Some people shuttled while our team cautiously biked on. day52backstreetteamday52ridingday52jeff

We got to our host, the Clear Creek Family Ranch, around 3 pm.  day52bunkhouse

After settling in one of the four waterside bunkhouses, a bunch of us took the van through Zion National Park.  The canyons and cliffs were amazing, some of the most beautiful sights we’ve ever seen.  There were a lot of switchbacks, mountain rams, and a mile long tunnel through the rocks.  While scary to drive, it was definitely pretty cool.day52vandrivingday52riding1day52mountaingoatsday52zion

We got back to the ranch just in time for dinner – hot dogs, potatoes, and s’mores on the campfire, accompanied by some cold beers.  Lauren and I took a boat out onto the lake, goofing around and chasing ducks.  We all hung out around the campfire for most of the night.  Once the stars came out, Draper, Kos, Lauren, and I went back out onto the lake for stargazing.  Having lived in Philly for 5 years, I’m not used to seeing stars, let alone this many; there were thousands lighting the night sky.  It was a reminder of how huge the world is and how small we are.  And even though we are so small, we can still make a difference, especially when we unite together.  It was an awesome end to a great day.day52laurenmeday52campfirehotdogsday52campfireday52campfire1



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