Day 49 – 106 miles to Torrey, Utah

Today is dedicated to a Philly friend and coworker at Continental.  When I first started, she took me under her wing and taught me so much about the restaurant.  Over two years later, I can say she’s taught me a great deal about life, too.  She’s a strong, independent, and hilarious woman who faced cancer some years ago.  I’m honored to ride for her today.  (Also, a teammate, Elliot, dedicated his day to my mother, which was unexpected and pretty nice).day49kateconnor

Teams were Superhero themed – Team Superman consisted of Linnea, Cario, Wasserman, Carissa, and myself.  We used our 4th of July face paint on our bodies.  I drew the Superman logo on our teams chests and we did blue stripes under our eyes.  We left, flying high, at 7:30 am.

day49superman1 day49superman

Today was a bit rough, hitting 100 degrees, expecting 85 miles, and camping at night (granted, in Capitol Reef National Park).  Thanks to Harshini, we got hotel rooms donated, but added on 20 miles to the day.  So, we rode 106 miles, another century, in the awful Utah heat and sun, without shade.  Some parts looked like Mars…day49rideday49centuryme

And we found bones!


We passed through Captiol Reef National Park, enjoying the mountains and rock formations.  We met a guy walking across the country (, having left Delaware in March of 2013 and planning to arrive in San Francisco in about 3 months.  Crazy.day49capitolreefday49viewday49messageboard

We got into the hotel, had dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and now it’s time for a good night’s sleep in comfy, air-conditioned hotel rooms.




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