Day 48 – 54 miles to Green River, Utah

Good morning!  Today is the first day of the third leg of our trip!  Myself and Chris are in charge of hosts and communication with them.

We got to sleep-in this morning!  6 am wake-up call!  We packed the vans, had a quick breakfast, and did dedication circle.  Draper’s parents, aunt, and uncle joined us.  Today is dedicated to Ryan Davis, a friend of UCF who is battling cancer, and Doris Hawken, a family friend’s aunt who passed away of ovarian cancer.


Teams were liquor-based.  Team Jameson was made up of Linnea, Kos, Harshini, Emily, Carolina, and myself.  We departed first, at 7:45 am, driving out of Moab and passing Arches National Park.  We rode past a lot of beautiful scenery: red stones, buttes, and huge rock formations.  Though hot, Utah has been gorgeous so far.  About 20 miles out of Moab, we hit a really bad stretch of road.  Cars sped by pretty quickly, with about 6 inches of a shoulder, and gravel roads ahead.  As a team, we decided it was safest to shuttle straight to our host.  I’m fairly certain last year’s team took the same route, but because of the tragic loss of Jamie Roberts, we are not risking anything.  It definitely sucks to shuttle, and it feels like we are doing it a lot, but when people are in danger and there are no safe roads to take, it’s our only option.  While waiting for the vans to come, a few of us had a “Butts & Guts” workout session in the desert.day48dedicationsday48ridingselfieday48nohands

Once we got into Green River, a small town of about 900, we unloaded the vans as quick as we could so they could go back and shuttle everyone else.  The Green River Community Center was nice enough to open their food pantry for us, donating pasta, sauce, canned corn, and canned fruit.  We showered with their hoses (a normal thing) and went out around town to find food donations.  The next few days are going to be really challenging when it comes to food and water.  Tap water is not safe around here and food is hard to come by, especially when we need it donated.  Luckily, Moab provided fruitful for the host van this morning, but Emma, Lauren, Kos, and I also got Subway sandwiches, melons, and a couple cases of water.

We made dinner, had a team meeting, and now for bed.  It’s 8 pm, so definitely going to get a good night’s sleep.



One thought on “Day 48 – 54 miles to Green River, Utah

  1. Elizabeth Archer says:

    Hi Michael. I’ve been reading your blog here in the UK. I think what you are doing is amazing and inspirational. I saw your dedication for Doris Hawken. She was my Granny. She was the kindest and sweetest lady I ever met. She would have been so pleased that you dedicated a day of your journey to her. Thank you. And thank you for doing your bit to try and beat this horrible disease. All the best for the rest of your journey. Elizabeth xx

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